Live Online Event Root Zone Breeding

The Horticulture & Propagation Materials Topsector organizes several annual network meetings for researchers and entrepreneurs in horticulture. The purpose of the meetings is to organize meetings between relevant professionals from business and science around a specific theme. Moreover, the Topsector wants to initiate a motion around the chosen theme. In this context, Innova Connect organized a network meeting for the Top Sector in May 2020 on the subject of breeding the belowground parts of plants. When all preparations for the day were in full swing, the Covid-19 pandemic struck. In consultation with the Topsector, it was decided not to cancel the meeting but to convert it into a Live Online Event. The interaction with the public and the networking element has been simulated as closely as possible. For example, the participants took part in an online lunch discussion about the theme of the day in small groups, led by a moderator. Thanks to the online nature of the day and an authoritative keynote speaker, the meeting ultimately attracted more than 150 participants from 13 different countries. The mission of putting an underexposed topic on the agenda was thus amply accomplished.