Innova Connect is an initiative of Clemens Stolk. After completing his studies in plant pathology at Wageningen University, Clemens consecutively gained experience in science (Wageningen University, 1997-2002), industry (seed trade association Plantum, 2002-2008) and consultancy (consultancy firm Schuttelaar & Partners, 2008-2014).

These three lines in Clemens’ career have converged in Innova Connect (established in 2014). With Innova Connect, Clemens aims at bringing together science and industry and helping them cooperate in a purposeful, pragmatic manner, with respect for the different positions and interests of the parties involved.

“Clemens is known for being creative, goal-oriented, dedicated and reliable.”

Although Innova Connect is an initiative of Clemens Stolk, it is more than just Clemens Stolk. Innova Connect believes in the power of cooperation. Innova Connect is therefore being set up as a modern networking organisation in which specific tasks can be outsourced to trusted specialists with whom we cooperate on a regular basis.






Companies and knowledge institutes need each other

Contrary to what is sometimes thought, innovation is not the same as conducting research. Research may lead to innovation, but seldom in a linear fashion, with the knowledge institute in the role of sender of information and the industry in the role of receiver. In reality, both need each other and learn from each other. This interaction is of vital importance for both knowledge institutes and companies. Innova Connect stimulates the mutual exchange between companies and knowledge institutes, with a keen eye and respect for everyone’s interests.

Inspiration and implementation

Innovation is closely connected with creativity. Creating something new, that does not yet exist, requires a healthy dose of imagination. To allow new ideas to bubble up, time is needed; and room is needed to be able to do something with these new ideas. Often, attention for one of the two elements is lacking: due to the hustle and bustle of daily business, there is no time to think about innovations; in the second case enthusiastic ideas are generated but never turned into reality. Wherever your innovation process may falter, Innova Connect offers practical solutions.

Encounter between disciplines

There is something unpredictable about Innovation. Because most innovations arise at the intersection of different disciplines, many discoveries are the result of chance encounters. We can however increase the probability of such chance encounters by arranging meetings with other disciplines. Innova Connect offers this possibility in the form of matchmaking and ‘innovation inspiration sessions’.

Cooperation requires trust

An encounter is not yet cooperation, and cooperation is not synonymous with innovation. Parties who want to work together should not be hampering each other and should all add something to the cooperation, but most of all they need to trust each other. Moreover, the innovation broker who is bringing parties together should enjoy the confidence of all parties: confidence that he understands the problem involved, treats the provided information carefully, and takes constructive steps from which all parties benefit. Innova Connect offers this guarantee.


Above all, innovation implies action. Bringing parties together is just the beginning. The challenge is to have parties work together successfully. That is the mission of Innova Connect!




Finding partners for successful public-private partnerships.



New opportunities for your company by connecting with other disciplines.


Project management

Get the most out of your cooperations through proper project management.



Explore new technological developments that are relevant for your company.



Advice and support tailored to your needs: from policy advice and monitoring of project results, to project financing.


  • Scouting of opportunities
  • Inspiration talk sustainable crop protection
  • Funding proposal research infrastructure
  • Quick scan scientific literature
  • Plantum and TTI Green Genetics
  • Advice to TTI Green Genetics
  • Biobased Business Event
  • Support for a Swiss university
  • Innovation in the biocides industry
  • Advice to a plant breeding company
  • Innovation contract biobased economy
  • Program management Better Plants for New Demand


Contact details

Mailing address: Galgenberg 7, 3911 JJ Rhenen

Visiting address: Marijkeweg 22, 6709 PG Wageningen

+31 (0)6 30 666 009




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