Strategy session VitalFluid

VitalFluid – a spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology – has developed technology to bring air into the plasma phase and immediately dissolve it in water. This water then briefly acquires special properties, which are related to the unstable nitrogen compounds that are present in the water for a short time. After some time a solution of nitrate in water remains. The technology has potential applications in a variety of sectors, from healthcare to agriculture. Applications in agriculture and horticulture range from seed treatment and crop protection to applications as a biostimulant and a fertilizer. The crop protection market in particular is highly regulated in Europe. However, these regulations are tailored to the marketing of a particular substance. How the regulations relate to a device that gives water short-term biocidal effects is quite complex. To gain more insight into this, and to avoid a stalemate with regard to the regulations, Innova Connect organized a strategy session for VitalFluid at the end of 2019. Various experts from the Netherlands and abroad took part in the strategy session. At the end of the day, a strategy outline had been developed that guided the next steps.