TKI Meetup FutureCrops

The Horticulture & Propagation Materials Topsector organizes several annual network meetings for researchers and entrepreneurs in horticulture. The purpose of the meetings is to organize encounters between professionals from business and science around a specific theme. Moreover, the Topsector wants to initiate motion around the chosen theme. For example, in 2019 Innova Connect organized a meeting for the Topsector about groundbreaking new developments in the field of breeding technology. We were able to contract Prof. Avi Levy (Israel) as the keynote speaker. Levy, known for his breakthroughs in targeted recombination, presented his latest, partly unpublished research results, and participated in a panel discussion with the public along with other experts. The evaluation of the meeting showed that the meeting had succeeded in bringing together and inspiring a diverse audience from business and science.