Horticulture Upside Down

BiomicAgritech, an Israeli startup, has developed a revolutionary cultivation method for growing trellised vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers top down. These crops are normally grown around trellising wires. Trellising and leaning and lowering require a lot of labour. 

By the BiomicAgritech method, growing crops downward from rotatable tubes, trellising is done by gravity (eliminating human labour of trelissing) and leaning & lowering is replaced by the push of a button. This saves more then 30% labour in the greenhouse and it helps sustainability by eliminating the need of plastic wires and accessories. Moreover, the innovation paves the way for the next step: a fully robotic greenhouse.

First test results in the Netherlands.

The system has been tested with success in various greenhouses in Israel. In 2023, the technology has also been tested at Vertify, to explore the possibilities of the technology in the context of high tech greenhouse horticulture. This test was financially supported by Innovation Fund Hagelunie. 

You are cordially invited to attend a minisymposium where the results of the first pilot experiment will be presented.  

  • When: Wed 25 October, 13:30-17:00h
  • Where: World Horti Center, Europa 1, Naaldwijk

The full program will be published soon, but you can already register via the button below:

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