Prof. dr. ir. Wim van der Putten, NIOO-KNAW

I needed support to link my research ideas to potential private partners and felt I was narrowing down too much. Clemens helped me in widening the scope, connecting to a substantial variety of potential partners, identifying their research needs, and translating those into a proposal that was complete and submitted well in time.

Eliezer Edelstein, BiomicAgritech

BiomicAgritech has developed a new method for growing trellised vegetables. Clemens and Stefan from Innova Connect assisted and guided us in examining and introducing the method to the Netherlands. For a startup, it is very difficult to find mentors who do their job willingly and for a reasonable price. In Clemens and Stefan from Innova …

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Michiel Roelse, operational director TKI Horticulture & Propagation Materials

Innova Connect has carried out various assignments for Topsector Horticulture & Propagation Materials in an excellent manner, including a scientific analysis of the project portfolio, an evaluation of a large breeding program, and an impact assessment, with always concrete, useful results. Innova Connect is also an important player in our Impact2025 program (event programming, innovation …

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Sander van Golberdinge, Grodan

Since 2016, Innova Connect has repeatedly delved into the scientific literature for Grodan on specific topics about which we wanted to know more. Innova Connect always quickly provided us with an accessible overview of the facts, the significance of these facts for us, and opportunities for further innovation.